Day in the Life of VIPKID homeschooler

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see my story today was about our day. I have two little girls one following a grade one curriculum and one bouncing between JK and SK technically isn’t in school yet. She is just getting into the rhythm.

My day started later today (5am). I’ve decided to go easy this February, it’s my oldest daughters birthday but as other VIPKID teachers know it is also Chinese new year. This means many of my regulars are traveling anyways. So what I am doing is not opening as many slots but I am accepting priority requests. When I am working a normal schedule, I am up at 2:30/3am. My girls wake up at around 6am, sometimes later. They have a self-serve cereal station or I will have something prepped like muffins or overnight oats. I come up between classes and check on everyone. I always tell new hires, it takes about 30 days to really enforce the ‘Mommy is working you may not interrupt’ Our rule is wake Daddy if there is an emergency.

I finish at 8am. I come up and eat and help the girls with whatever they need and have waited patiently to have done. Today that was cloth diapering a stuffed bunny. After that, we are doing Coffee and book challenge. I can’t tolerate more coffee but we do the book part. I posted it up on the wall, I think we will be doing this every month as it gives me direction in the morning.

After this, I tidy the mess that is left from two kids playing quietly for 2 hours. Then we settle into either coloring, a puzzle or a game with an audiobook on. We LOVE the little house series narrated by Cherry Jones. We have read the series twice together and now we just do the audiobooks….over and over. Its fine, really it is.

We settle into our official school which is workbook based. We do a bit of a loop with a focus on each day. Today was science, the girls weren’t into making a potato clock in the afternoon so they watched Bill Nye.

After workbooks and copy work are done (My oldest writes from 365 days of Wonder) we discuss it. My youngest is mastering her name still. This can take anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours. Depends on moods. They have been lately just banging it out. The science workbook I have is super easy and they love it. The math book I use for my oldest is super easy too, it has a religious undertone so buyer beware. I don’t read the stories anymore. We also casually do the life of Fred and bedtime math.

Today we headed to the library at 1130 and hung out until 1. We came home ate and read a few books. Then we crafted and listened to an audiobook. I asked about ten times if they wanted to make a potato clock, but they wanted food coloring in the tub. I took this time to read Louise Penny. Ive been in a reading slump, and this series brings me out of it. The girls watched Bill Nye after. I usually work out at this time but felt like reading and playing with pets so thats what I did.

They went upstairs to play doctor games , doctor mom missed an appy at this point and got in real trouble. Sorry Bunny. I made dinner.

Ive been trying to get my oldest to love tofu. Ive read kids needs to be exposed a dozen times before they love or hate something. Id say this is exposure 100. But…..its a winner!! Yahoo!! My youngest cleans the tofu off her plate.

After this its pretty casual. The girls changed to vets (Again, I nearly kill a bear! This x-RN failed today). We dance with spotify then watch under the umbrella tree.

We go to bed by 7,girls are allowed to pick as many books as they like. My oldest stays up and we read our dear Canada novel. If they are obsessed with the novel they wont ask for picture books. So far, Roald Dahl and Laura Ingalls are the only authors worth picture book skipping.

Up tomorrow at 3am. Good night.

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