Christmas Wish list-Board Games

I am probably the lamest mom ever. My kids have barely asked for anything this year but I also know that when the snow falls here we will be hypothetically trapped for a large portion of the winter. I use Christmas as a ‘prep’ of sorts. Which means the girls get lots of board games for Christmas.

A few of these games we currently own and many are going to be gifts for this year.

Professor Noggins; We have several of these games some we have picked up used and others I have bought new. If you have trivia junkies on your hands these are perfect. We use these a lot over meals or when we are waiting somewhere.

Exploding Kittens; This is  a new one for us this year. Both my girls love card games, and kittens so this one should be a winner.

Jax Hit the habitat trail; This will be another new one for us. Its been on my wishlist for a while but it has a hefty price tag so I have been saving for a holiday/birthday.

Snap French Usborne; Perfect stocking stuffer

Robot Turtles; This is a coding board game from Thinkfun.  Neither of my girls has much interest in technology yet, they don’t ever seek out the tablets or computers. I would like them to learn this language of code eventually so hopefully, this game will be an easy intro.

Thinkfun Roller Coaster; Another new one for us. This is sure to be a hit like the Thinkfun rush hour. Its building, rollercoasters and logic in one.

Orchard bus stop; This is one we own and love. It’s a simple addition and subtraction game.

Boggle Junior; This one I bought to supplement reading when we aren’t in the mood for our normal curriculum. My three year old loves this game and will play by herself.

Ocean Raiders; This is another math game, I can only play this with my eldest as it is way to hard for a toddler.

Spot it; These games are the perfect stocking stuffer, I always have one in my purse.

Fat Brain toys Crankity and Inchanimals; These games are not readily available online in Canada. I ordered this from the website and paid the international shipping (which was super painful) But, my three-year-old was obsessed with the Crankity game at a game store but it’s been sold old since. Customer service at Fat brain toys website is amazing, I have been assured these will arrive for Christmas.

Codenames Disney; This game can be played by all ages, there is a cooperative way to play or competitive.  As soon as I saw this in Chapters I knew it would be worth the 29.99 price take. It’s a timeless game.

If you are looking for stocking stuffer games, gamewrite makes some amazing card games. We love sleeping queens, There’s a mouse in the house, sushi go and horse show. We also love Rory story cubes, Fairytales storytelling cards, peaceable kingdom makes really cute standard card decks and any of the cardline games.


Hope this helps with any last minute gift ideas. Games are an amazing gift for those hard to shop for kids.


Happy Holidays.


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