Christmas…something to read

I always give a few books at Christmas time. We are huge Library users, and many times we check a book out so many times it’s insane not to purchase it. As much as I love a hardcover picture book, I also have a really hard time shelling out $20 a book. So, many times after I am no longer allowed to renew a library book it goes on an Amazon wishlist until there’s a reason to purchase (or Chapters has a buy one get 50% off sale).

My kids right now cannot read any of these books on their own (until they are memorized) so I choose books they love and won’t drive me nuts re-reading.

Goodnight stories for Rebel girls Box Set. We have number one, and number two is safely hidden for Christmas.  These one-page stories about super cool women doing super cool things are perfect for a quick read or for a lengthy bedtime reading session. I wish they had a pocket version, Id love to throw these books in my purse.

Jon Klassen Hat books. Not only are you giving a nod to a Canadian. These books are very funny and easily memorized for non-readers.

Bedtime Math, Don’t let the title fool you. These books are very good and funny. We will have the full set after Christmas.

Minerva Louise Books, this is only for the chicken owning family. They are very cute books.

Laura Numeroff Box set. If your a Costco shopper these 6 hardcover books are under $20.

Little house board book, this is such a sweet book with a great underlying message.

Iggy Peck, Rosie Revere, Ada Twist. These are all amazing and at least worth checking out of your library. We love them all.

Take along nature guides. I linked to these ones because there are a lot and are a perfect gift for nature-loving kids.

Classic books with matching T-shirts or bookmarks. With the Ferdinand movie coming out this month I can’t get my hands back on the Libraries copy, so that, Corduroy and the Eloise treasury made the list this year. Here is where you can buy adorable T-shirts. 

This book belongs to stickers…. I just used product stickers on Vista print and changed the text. I got 100 stickers (50 each) for like 10 bucks.

Hope this gives you some ideas for your ‘something to read’ gift or link it to your family who wants gift ideas. You are guaranteed to get something you will love.


Happy Holiday Reading





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