Season of Squirreling

I have found that as the weather turns crisp, I have been trying to squirrel and plan ideas to entertain throughout the winter.

Its November 10th, and there is snow on the ground at our house. Panic has set in. Of course, not everyone feels this way…

The girls and I sat and read Goodnight Farm. As we were reading it my older daughter was relating it to all the things we have done, and the many things we have not done yet. In my mind, this sweet book just added more to my to do list.

As I mentally made (and then later wrote down) a to do list for around the farm. I also started pinning (dangerous) and reading other blogs for ideas.

As families, and especially homeschoolers know. Every time there is a season change, there also seems to be a shift is schooling dynamics. Our nature study days are not as long, and sometimes that nature study involves pulling burrs out of manes (How do seeds spread?).

This also means, I feel the need to do a bit more planning. With Christmas coming up, that means more crafts and baking. It also means more gaming and puzzling. Two resources we love right now are streamable learning and epic books. Both of these are perfect for cold afternoons when we are done our school, and aren’t in the mood for board games.

Starting December 1st, I am going to post what we do every Monday, Thursday and Friday. The last week of November I will list and link to the crafts, books, puzzle and games we will play throughout December incase you need some inspiration.

Happy Homeschooling Eh?

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