Day in the life of a VIPKID Homeschool Mom

I am so excited all my regulars I have been missing are filtering back into my schedule. It is amazing how soon you can miss these kids. But, as the HIGH BOOKING, back to school season starts, so does our homeschooling. The Day in the life posts have always been my most popular, so here it goes.


4am I am up, my summer schedule is over so Tuesday to Friday  I get an extra hour of sleep. I do not work any later, unless my girls are still asleep at 7, then I try and sneak a short notice in for 8am. But, I usually work 430am-8am.

By the time I go upstairs both girls are up. Sometimes they have done our Morning Routine (See pictures) other times they need a little push to get it done. While they are brushing teeth, I run outside to see our chickens, ducks and check on our horses.

We go down for breakfast (I usually have eaten breakfast at some point between classes and I eat a salad or left over soup)  I make batches of pancakes and waffles once a week so I can just pop in the toaster, or we have oatmeal.

We try and start our day with a read aloud, but it doesn’t always work out that way, sometimes they take off on me and I do dishes. When they come looking for me again we start our formal lessons. The minimal things I want to get done we do in the morning, that is math and reading. Since my girls are both young this is super easy and generally fun for me. I adore the Math; lessons for a living education curriculum. My girls love bedtime math, and the mobi tile game as well (we don’t do these in the morning but will read and play throughout the week.) We did a quick review of letter sounds, and spelled and read some words with letter magnets.

Right now we have a chicken with fly strike and a horse with mud fever. Feel free to google these ailments, they are gross. Additionally, it is beautiful right now in Canada. I am taking full advantage. I know we will have enough winter days indoors to school all day without any desire to go outside and have our faces burn from cold.  Any way, the girls and I went out to deal with the chicken, and then I went and focused on the horses. Then we played all kinds of games made up by the girls until lunch.

One of my favourite things about homeschooling is how well my kids eat. Especially now that we are on a vegan diet/plant based. The girls will eat soup or sandwhich at lunch. Today was roasted acorn squash soup. My husband works shift so he is usually around at lunch and will sit and chat with us while we eat.

After lunch we do our loop. We do two loop activities a day (see pictures) Today, we worked on story books, and for science I had planned to make play dough together but ended up sorting things based on their phases of matter and watching some Bill Nye. We also have quiet time in the afternoon. I love to read and this is the only time I can because I go to bed at the same time as my kids. We all go into the same room, girls can listen to audiobook or read independently. Usually its audiobooks and they quietly play with wooden blocks or lego.

While I prepare dinner, they play or paint. Today was a combo of both, paintings needed to dry between layers so they headed upstairs. They will clear and dress the table when I call them. Today I had everything prepped so I am writing this post, but normally I would be cooking, usually spend 45 minutes in the kitchen. The girls sometimes help but generally they go off on their own. Today’s meal was portabella spinach stuffed mushrooms, lentils and rice.

After super we go out, girls hang with the birds and I get the birds ready for bed. I had to move the horses around because they were in a smaller paddock trimming some grass for us. When we are done locking everyone in for the night, and all our pets are safe and accounted for we do our bedtime routine. (see picture)

We read a few picture books and whatever chapter book we are reading. Right not its Little Town on the Prairie.

Lights out for all of us by 8-830pm. Sometimes the girls will sneak down early before I am done teaching. It is rare I have an incident when I am interrupted. My 5 year old is actually worse than my 3 year old. Shes just a noisier kid. They will watch TV or movies while I work, so its kind of a treat when they are up early.

I do have days where I am exhausted, but its not nearly as bad as when I was working as an RN and doing 12 hour shifts. I am very conscious of my level and energy and will adjust our day accordingly. Monday is my day off, so I plan field trips around this day.

I hope this gives people an idea of what a day in the life of a VIPKID homeschooler can look like.


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