Lazy Moms guide to going Vegan/Plant based

So, I had to write this post. Not that I am totally lazy, I actually love to cook, especially this way with so many ingredients I used too rarely work with. But, I am also a Mom who works 4-6 hours from home 6 days a week, so some days I just do not have it in me to do beautifully presented meals with 10 different components ever single night. Not only that, I have kids, and plant based or not, its nice to indulge their kiddie food tastes occasionally.


When we first embarked on this  journey, I started with weaning them off white sugar treats. These are things now they will get on special outings, it won’t be hidden in the dark corner cabinets in our home. This is better for them and for me (because realistically I usually was the one sneaking it). We spent about 2 weeks focused on this task alone. I would say the first 5 days were the roughest, then they settled into it and have been fine since.

Once we cut out the meat, as I said I am appealing to the animal loving side of them. This has been helpful with my younger one, but she rarely ate meat any way. My older one ate plate of bbq jackfruit, and when I told her it wasn’t meat, she stopped eating. So, she actually told me not to tell her when it wasn’t meat. I hate lying to my kids, but I feel like I have been given permission. I think after a month or so of living with no animal products and she knows their are many meals without meat and dairy that she loves, it won’t be an issue. I have  I told her before and after the jack fruit incident that meat and dairy will no longer be in our home, and I have told her several times since. So I feel like I am only lying by omission? whatever helps me sleep at night right? I only get 6 hours guys!

So here are my 5 tips for lazy moms going plant based.

  1. If you have picky eaters, take it two veggies a week. Focus on those veggies, and make them multiple ways, Tell your picky eater you will find a way to prepare it they love. Don’t do bite wars, they must take three ‘tastes’ or however many works for your house. They can be licks, they can be tiny tastes. Don’t harp over it too much. After that week (or whenever you run out of that veg) move onto two more.
  2. Buy convenience substitutes but try not to rely on them. I started this ordeal during the worst time of the month. Basically, I choose the week where all I eat is cheese. So, I had been making a lot of kid ‘staples’ because that is what I crave. All I have to say it Vegan cheese has come A LONG way from when I consumed it 10 years ago. I ADORE it now! As a plus I don’t have severe stomach pains after eating a block of cheese or an entire pot of mac and cheese. My oldest daughter, who I am pretty sure has a lactose intolerance like me, used to peel most of the cheese off of pizza loves vegan pizza (not that you care, but my dogs do too).
  3. Blend it. I really am not a fan of eating in the morning, but I start work at 4am and usually when I am done at 9 or 10 I am ravenous. I blend my smoothies ahead of time, put them in a mason jar shake ’em up in the a.m. and enjoy.
  4. Sub it. Many times subbing vegetables in where meat used it be is not that hard. Thankfully, pinterest or cookbook authors have done the work for you. I made a mushroom pot pie the other day, and my oldest loved it more that the chicken version.
  5. Include them however much they want to be. My little girls are apart of a lot of it. My youngest loves every aspect of prep. List making, shopping, cutting, cooking, eating and planning. My oldest likes to chop, eat and plan. I try to get their suggestions, because then I know where to head with my next meal.

Bonus; NO SUBSTITUTES! even non transitioning families should live by this one. We sit down to dinner around 6pm, we go to bed early like 730ish. If they don’t eat dinner I tell them they will not eat again until tomorrow. If they are actually hungry they will pick their favourite thing on the plate and finish it. This took time as well, but once their used to it, they know you mean business, we had a couple teary eyed bed times, but I can’t cook all day and night.

I hope this helps. Feel free to follow me on pinterest. Right now I am just copying others recipes, but very shortly I plan on posting my own as I find more vegan ingredients I love and see how they react to different processes (This counts as science right?).






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