Easing into it..

I would consider us year round schoolers, but we took almost the entire last month off of any ‘formal’ lessons. We traveled, we went on outings, we enjoyed nature.

But, as August ends we are very slowly getting back into the routine. A huge part of that this year is a dramatic diet change.

I just finished reading French Kids eat Everything. After a trip to Vancouver where my younger daughter delighted in literally every restaurant. I thought why can’t my older daughter be as adventurous? There has to be a solution. Enter this book.

The basic rules written in the book are available on Karen Le Billions website, but are best described in the book. What stood out to me was, no more snacks. I had started to get drained from cooking many meals, prepared what felt like endless snacks that no one ever consumed. She goes onto say it’s okay to be hungry between meals. So now, when my girls complain of hunger between meals, they get offered water, or late afternoon I sometimes allow the indulgence of tea with fruit.

We also now ‘dress’ the table at dinner, (the girls love this) we all sit together for every meal, and we talk about our next meal while eating the current one (this makes meal planning way easier).

In addition to these new rules, we have taken on a Plant Based diet. I had been a vegan in highschool and a year in university. I have talked  about never feeling better when I was on this diet. When my husband told me he watched two documentaries on Netflix (food choices and what the health) and wants to adopt this diet, I was so pumped. This was what always held me back, I didn’t want to prepare even more meals. With the girls, I am just presenting them with as much information as I can, and letting them make some choices for themselves. I have discovered some amazing books for kids about this. I am appealing more to their love of animals than the health perspective (although we are talking about that too). Ruby Roth has an excellent collection of kids pictures books dedicated to this topic. Since we have many animals around our house, including chickens and ducks, that my oldest meat loving daughter adores, I felt this would be the most effective way to develop an understanding of what it means to eat a Plant Based diet. We also subscribe and love curiosity stream, we have watched prescription nutrition several times, and are working on a ‘food’ and digestion science unit.

Despite reading much information about the way to transition kids to a plant based diet, we did not do it slowly as many people said they did. After I watched what the health, re-read skinny bitch I was over it. I gave a way all of our  remaining meat, cooked the rest of the bacon for the dogs, and replaced our dairy. We have a few straggling items in the fridge that are awaiting garbage day (or for me to remember) to be tossed.

This is not for everyone, and I totally get that.  If anyone follows the Homeschool Sisters, they talk about not homeschooling at you. I am not trying to convert you, I am just presenting our lives, for those who may be thinking of expanding their kids palette, I would highly recommend Karen Le Billon’s Book;  French kids eat everything.    For those thinking about adopting a plant based lifestyle, the documentary on Netflix I adored was What the Health. I also re-read Skinny Bitch and read Beg, and China Study.



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