For some reason I always have a hard time sharing this. I think people will think I am generalizing teachers as a whole and it will upset them. I read a lot of other homeschooling blogs that always say they don’t begrudge teachers. I understand it, too a point. I was a nurse, you can feel helpless in a system when all you want to do is help people.  But, as much as you may not be able to change the world, you can help individuals with kindness and respect.

Last year, we tried public school. Having worked in the public sector and in an Emergency department, you get very good at reading people quickly. Not to say I ever misjudge people, and as a rule I give people the benefit of the doubt. I also treat people with respect no matter what.

So, after meeting my quiet daughters teacher I had the yucky gut feeling moms get, and started to look at homeschooling. She did go to school, she met some lovely kids. But, if I am being honest, for the most part kids would say things that  bothered her. Most of these things were things relating to vanity (by the way these kids were 5 and 6).  She started to really care how she looked, at at 5 years old, I didn’t want her to care.

The teacher was as I expected, she wasn’t the happy Kindergarten teacher one would expect. She was the teacher they gave the kids with ‘issues’ too. One of these kids started to push my daughter. When I brought this to the teachers attention, the answer was the answer I would expect to get from an absent parent.

“Ya, he does that”

“Ummmm, pardon me?”

“Your daughter really just needs to toughen up.”

Hence, my tag line.

We have toughened up, I’ve toughened up so hard, I am now courageous enough to say I can school my kids better than you. In fact, I think I can school my kids probably better than any teacher out there.

My daughter is tougher too. Without kids pushing her for a turn, telling her she isn’t dressed right, she can spend that brain capacity that was being wasted worrying about her looks (again she is five) excelling in math and science, and learning a second language.

I hope this can inspire a few people to be courageous enough to know they can school their kids. They can do it without a teaching degree, and they can do it better.




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