Vancouver and traveling with kids

I’m a totally prepare for the worst type person. Sometimes this causes undue anxiety and other times it just makes me feel like a super awesome mom. 

This was my girls longest flight to date. We were delayed an hour and a half on the plane on the way there so we were on the plane more than 6 hours. I was very happily surprised to have had minimal tears from my younger and my older daughter was perfectly fine. The way there was a novelty, I didn’t have to pull out any additional entertainment aside from the on flight movies. 

When we arrived, we almost immediately headed to the water. My youngest had never been to an ocean and for my oldest and I never to the pacific. It was super exciting for me. My girls found a million mussel shells and some crabs. For my nature loving girls, this new experience was very exciting. My younger was fascinated with how the tide came in, and stood silently watching it, toes in the water. I could tell her little brain was trying to figure it out. 

What was super cool about Vancouver was the ease of traveling from city to beach, to mountain. Literally all within an hour of each other on public or free transportation. Also, can we talk about car2go. What are we doing Ontario? How do our major cities not have this!? I’ll let you do your own research if you care, but it’s a car sharing service, and it’s amazing. 

Any way, we headed to grouse mountain. Again, my and my girls first time on a mountain. The bird show is abosulety incredible. I wish I could remember the girl doing it, she was in love with these birds and it showed. It made me miss all my furry friends at home. My oldest daughter loved it so much we got a stuffed eagle and she named it after the bald eagle in the show. 

Now, my favorite part of visiting a new place. Food, food,food. We hit some incredible spots, mostly because my brother knows them all. But, my highlights were the Japanese bbq  Gyu Kaku, they also have a location in Toronto. The girls got to get a bit adventurous without completely turning them off. The next day we had ramen lunch at Santouka. My three year old ate this like it was going out of style. She was popping roe like they were smarties. It was so fun to watch. It really was amazing, and would be a place I would frequent if I lived there. I can see why it’s so popular, it’s filling but doesn’t feel as heavy as an Italian pasta dish. For dinner that night we headed to The Mexican. The margaritas were divine. I had a chimichanga and a week later I still can’t stop thinking about the sauce. It was by far my favorite food stop. But, to be fair I love Mexican food. The morning we left we headed to the twisted fork for breakfast. This is a super cool place that makes you think kids shouldn’t be there, but are totally welcome. The girls split the French toast which was amazing, and I had an eggs Benedict. The real stand out on my plate was the baked beans. Food has never been what makes or brakes a vacation for me, but I love having a good mix of new things for the girls and things I know they’d love. One thing about food and this vacation is since I spent a large portion of it carrying my three year I definitely did not gain. I may have even lost a few pounds. 

So, all in all if you have not been to Vancouver it is an experience, one you and your kids will enjoy. I can cross it off my Canada travel bucket list. 

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