Moments in Time

I feel so incredibly lucky some days. I work from home when my kids sleep, and get to participate in basically, their every waking moment.

I don’t know if everyone has these moments, but I sometimes look at my girls and wish I could remember a moment forever.

As a rule, they are generally pretty insignificant to the outside observer. No medals would ever be given, its not a monumental achievement of any kind. Not a milestone, or a first of anything. I sometimes think I wish I could take a picture, but looking at a picture of it five years down the road wouldn’t capture the feeling I have watching it unfold.

These moments are simple, my 3 year old in a field of tall grass, with a huge bouquet of wild flowers she has picked on a walk. Finding my older daughter, silently snuggling a cat in a laundry basket.

I can’t explain or express how happy these moments make me. So I just delight in them at the moment, and try to remember. Soon my five year old wont fit in a laundry basket. My three year old will walk past wild flowers and not feel the urge to pick them. Running barefoot in tall grass, or splashing in puddles won’t offer the same delight it offers them now.

I feel lucky. I feel lucky to have the time to witness and appreciate these moments. I am glad to have kids not so over scheduled they can lie down with a dog and their favourite picture book and not feel rushed.

With every monument achievement, milestone, or first. I can feel time slipping away. So I cherish these moments, I fill my heart with them, and hope they stay with me forever.



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