Little House Bonnet Tutorial

I cannot believe that I never read these books. My neighbour came over yesterday and she was reminiscing about loving it as a kid. As much as I’m sure I would have loved it as a kid, it’s really fun to read it together with my girls. We are experiencing together for the first time.

Right now, we reading ‘On the Banks of Plum Creek’ I decided to get The Arrow for this one, I always wait for this because sometimes we start books and they just aren’t that into it. I don’t want our read alouds to ever be something they don’t look forward too, so I do plan this but am fine with setting books aside for later.

For those of you with younger kids like me (mine are 5 and 3) I really recommend recording as you read. I have a YouTube video of how I do this and create audio files to put on the girls iPod’s. We usually listen to the previous night’s reading while we are outside on our tree swing. I use this portable blue tooth speaker and carry it with us if we move locations in our yard.

The girls had requested sun bonnets like Mary and Laura’s we had seen them at the pioneer village but the girls didn’t like the prints. So, I dusted off my sewing machine and we headed to a quilt store.

For this project you will need two fat quarters for a reversible hat and a medium to lightweight interface for the brim. I got half a meter, and have enough left over to make two more hats.

I am breaking this down so basically anyone can do this. I used a sewing machine, you could definitely do this by hand, but it will take longer and wont be as sturdy. If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

Here is the pattern I used, this is on an 8 by 10 sheet of paper. Feel free to save images and print out at home.



Once you have your pattern cut, take one fat quarter, iron is well. If you plan on sewing ties with the fabric I found it works better to fold fabric on the shorter side (I tired both ways) but either way works.

Lay the fold side of your pattern…on the fold so you’ll have half circle looking pieces when you unfold the fabric. Cut both your fabrics, keep your scraps. Then take your interface and one of your fabrics from your brim and iron it with a clean damp cloth on top.


Once your brim has the interface on take your other fabric print (My older daughter had a sky print and a bird print. and sew it with the printed sides together only on the curved side, do not sew the straight edge. Trim the edges and turn and right side out. With your brim now completed take one piece of your bonnet fabric, I picked an approximate middle of the curved edge of the bonnet fabric piece, pictured below in the sky blue print and pinned it to the approximate middle of the straight edge of the bonnet brim. Again, you want to do print (or right sides) together. Then I folded little pleats and pinned  to the edges of the brim leaving about 1/2 inch of left over bonnet fabric not pinned to the brim. You do not sew the straight edge on your bonnet piece. I sewed this pinned section together.  Repeat this on the other side with the other fabric.


We are so close now! Its starting to look like a bonnet right? Now there is two ways you can do this, you can purchase ribbon for the string, or your can sew them in the left over fabric. I didn’t buy or have ribbon that matched the prints so I sewed them. I just cut strips of my left over fabric, sewed them together (right sides in leaving  one of the small edges open so I could turn it out. My daughter turned it right side out for me using a chop stick.


Now, your final hem! Turn the bonnet inside out again, tuck the brim in side, and take your open end of your sewn ties or whatever end of your ribbon and tuck it into your bonnet and pin one end to  the brim where you left the half inch section.  Sew each ribbon on, and iron pin the open edge and sew almost all the way across the bottom, leaving enough room to turn it right side out again. Turn it right side out, iron that bottom so you can sew a final finishing hem along the back. Sew across the back to close everything up. If your being really professional you can match your thread to the fabric so you barely see it, I didn’t,  I used white for both girls hats.

Here it is. I haven’t caught my older daughter in hers yet. My younger daughter and I were having a photo fight. Its like a a water fight but inside, with cameras, we like to see how silly our photos turn out. I think she won.

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