Bedtime Books; June

I haven’t posted our bedtime books in awhile because we have some new and old books that have been on heavy rotation.


My late night photo of what we are reading

I know I’ve mentioned Swatch before. This is about a girl who tames colours. If you have a girl who loves rainbows or art this is a book you should pick up. Its beautiful.

New in our rotation is Not Quite Narwhal. This book is beautiful, and the story is adorable. Its about being different and not fitting in, but in a not in your face way.

Gaston and Antoinette are amazing books. If you have dogs, these books should be in your home library.

An old standby at our house is Madeline this was one of my favorites growing up, so I love that the girls love it too.

We continue working our way through the little house series. I tried to deviate and go back to Harry Potter, and Harriet the Spy. But, since we found the entire set at our used book store, my oldest daughter refuses to move on until we find out what happens to Laura.

Also, if your doing any road trips or long plane rides this summer. Audible has some amazing deals today, including Little House in the Big Woods.

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