Why I Love Canada

I really really wanted to make a post about confederation and how I am teaching it to my kids this year. But, from my memory of what I learned, my research, and from current articles I am reading. I don’t really think my kids would get it, or care to be honest lol.

So, we decided to just have fun with it. Head over to my Pinterest and you can see what we have been up too. But basically printable bunting, ribbon, flags and tattoos. Today we will be doing a strawberry short cake maple leaf cake.

Any way this is what I love about Canada.

  1. Freedom. I went through an obsession with North Korea a while back, and I am so glad I do not live in a communist country.
  2. Free Health care. Don’t get me wrong. it has its faults. But I do love not hesitating to go too or take my kids to the hospital or doctor. (Nurse here, you basically need to be dying)
  3. Education. I am glad we have a public system. Do I think it could be improved? Most defiantly.  But really, what couldn’t? I also think the University Standards here are amazing,
  4. How polite we are. I am sorry, but this is a huge part of day to day life. When I meet a rude person, its all I think about for a day.
  5. The weather. Realistically, I hate 8 months of cold. But, I also know its a trade off for the lack of tropical storms. Has anyone watched The Impossible? Its truly horrifying. but makes me thankful that we only have to deal with ice and snow. Strap some snow tires on my 4×4 and Ill drive to heat.
  6. Summer! Its perfect,
  7. Beer. We have good beer here. Did you know that? 24s, IPAs, locals. Its all excellent.
  8. Tim Hortons. I actually feel guilty its this low. But we live in the country now, their 25 minutes away. I could eat a Canadian Maple any day though.
  9. I know I know I should say Hockey, but sorry guys, I could care less. So, as a Mom of two girls, can I say Ice skating. Its like swimming here, your need to know how.
  10. How everyone likes us. You know what I am talking about. Last I checked (pre kids) Canadians weren’t even aloud on Amazing Race, our passports are favored.
  11. Can I just list Food? We all know the specialties. But we have some AMAZING chefs in our Country. It’s not all Poutine and donuts.
  12. Diversity. Its super cool how anyone knows a Newfie (If you don’t know they are super funny and nice).
  13. Misconceptions. I LOVE my Igloo and dog sled team!
  14. Bilingual. This is mostly from a homeschool perspective. But, I know every time I have gone to Montreal they speak way better English than I do French. Not Fair!
  15. Last but not least, Our beauty, both naturally and people. Sorry, were awesome! and yes, I apologized.


What can my fellow Canucks add to this list?


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