Traveling with Kids

Traveling with kids under 7 is no laughing matter. My girls and I have traveled somewhat… some 4-24 hour drives and 2-4 hour flights. For the most part they have been okay, except for some squirrelly parts a long the way.

This summer we are doing a bit of traveling across our great country. We are making the 3 hour trek to Ottawa, the 6 hour flight to Vancouver, maybe the 2 hour journey to Niagara falls. One thing I know, is this mama needs to be prepared.

Most people  I know give their kids a snack put on a show and they could drive forever. My kids like TV, they do not love TV. They could not watch TV for three hours straight and not get restless. In fact, I find movies and TV have the opposite effect. They get cranky and even more stimulated.

So, this summer I made some purchases for our travel. Things I knew we could play in the car/on the plane, but also in restaurants. 

First thing I did was how I could ‘school’ on the go. I’m not talking our usual routine but something fun, different that might be fun for travel. I made travel journals with custom name and address pages. I put them in small binders and got new markers. My oldest daughter has the love for new office supplies that I do, so I know it will inspire writing. 

After that it was games that also would be educational. Here’s my list of games I’m packing:

Spot it basic English

Spot it basic French

Game Wright Horse Show

There’s a Moose in the House

Think fun amaze

Think fun chocolate fix

Professor Noggins Horse Trivia

Then I had to think of something to keep the little hands busy. We have a fidget, we have luke warm feelings about it. But, we have been practicing/learning knitting together. I got a set from Michael’s with these thick chunky needles but when watching you tube they say they are too hard for little hands to hold so we picked up some aluminium needles and a tiny loom to try for the ride. 

I also have done my DIY audio books and we are starting Harry Potter. For the car ride we also will be bringing along our new favorite picture books, GastonAntoinette, and Not quiet Narwhal. I also keep Love that dog in my purse always, I break it out whenever we have a wait and we are getting impatient. 

I will let you know how our drive goes, although you may get a good idea if I post about canceling our Vancouver trip lol. 

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