I’ve learned a lot in our first year homeschooling and working for VIPKID. So, here’s what I know needs to change for next year. 

My three year old doing her letter sounds

I jumped into homeschooling a bit unexpectedly. Therefore this year was planned on the fly. I bought resources as I found them, and planned based on whatever the girls were into, and read as many amazing books we could get our hands on. 

For the most part, I feel like we did well. The girls are where they should be for their ages.  But here’s where I plan to improve. 

My three year old working with chalk pastels

I’m going to plan our entire year, just guides and what resources I’ll use to coordinate. I do want to leave room for interest driven learning as well. I find on months where I’m kinda ‘blah’ or not excited or motivated we don’t do nearly as much fun crafts and science experiments. So, I’d like to change that. 

The other thing I noticed is I’m really good at getting super excited about when they improve on painting, recite or explain something scientific, or accomplish a new physical feat. But, I’m not usually that excited when they do something new in reading or math. I’d like to try and keep that excitement going for all their learning. 

We dabbled in a bunch of languages this year, but we are going to focus on French. It’s going to be part of our daily curriculum, and there will be more books, TV shows,  podcasts in French. We also will plan a trip to Quebec, either Montreal or Quebec City for next spring to mark the milestone. 
I plan on sharing my French lessons here. I am not a French speaker, so we are taking this on together. 

I’m already excited for the next school year. (Though we are going to school all year) I do plan on taking a week off in August from VIPKID to get everything neatly organized.  I will post that when it comes. 

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