Taking Care

One thing I love about Brave Writer, is how much they promote self care.  This really does feel like work to me most of the time, not only do I have to plan and align time with my husband to be around, but I also feel guilty. Then I have an internal debate about whether I should go do something for myself or if Id be better staying how and cleaning the dishes, doing more laundry, ect.

Today, I got invited to a Yoga event with a friend I really like. As an adult, I find it very hard to connect with other women. In part, because being a mom is such a huge part of who I am now, and I have a hard time relating to people whose lifestyle choices don’t align with mine.

Any way, I said yes, but I regretted my decision the whole night before. Thoughts running through my head “now my husband has to wake up early after being up working late into the night”, “what will the girls eat while I am gone”, “I have so much to do around the house”

I went, and I am so glad I did. Whenever I go out with this friend not only do I seriously get to vent and chat about our lives, but we always do something so fun and amazing. I returned home refreshed, and energized (in spite of only sleeping 5 hours the night before) It also gave me an excellent idea of how we will get out ‘quiet time’ at our house. We are going to practice Yoga every afternoon, preferably outside.

My point is, I know its hard to leave our kids, take a break. But, try it, find something you love and just go and do it. I guarantee you will feel a difference, if you don’t come home refreshed from something you used to love doing, try something new. Your mind, and your kids will be glad.

Balance Mamas, Balance.


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