Prep Dish; a Review

I used to love to cook. When time was on my side, and I could leisurely make homemade pasta, sauce and experiment with different dishes.

Now, I have two small kids and sometimes dinner seems like a rush to feed everyone. I have definitely fallen into a rut. This meant, not only were the girls and I not eating very nutritiously, but my Husband never had a lunch to bring to work (because he isn’t home at dinner, I’m not calling it leftovers. I intentionally make extra for him to bring to work). Which meant he was eating more unhealthy take out, which also means spending more money.

I heard about Prep dish from Anne Bogel , and decided to give it a try. This is my first month, and all the recipes have been eaten and WAY healthier than if I was cooking on the fly.

Her meal plan is laid out so you have one day of prep a week (about 1-2 hours of prep) She has 4 dinner meals on her plan, so I add three more into a binder if its a new recipe. There is both a Paleo plan, a gluten free plan, and a super fast plan. We are following gluten free, but I add in the super fast meals as one of the three weekly additional meals.

I like to shop once every two weeks. Ya, I live dangerously. I hate shopping. The thing is every time you shop there are sales and impulse purchases and you end up spending extra money. We also like 25 minutes from big grocery stores so just driving there an back is an hour out of the day.

When I get home I wash everything and immediately do my prep. I only do one week of prep at a time and the rest of the meat goes into the freezer. It does take me a solid two hours to prep. I also grind my own meat with my Kitchen Aid attachment. I make muffins for snacks, chop any veggies I need for smoothies I make with this Kitchen Aid attachment. Because I work 5am-830 or 9am I like to have food or smoothies the girls can grab while I work.

Throughout the week it literally takes me 15 minutes to make a meal. I dump into baking dishes, or onto my BBQ with these nifty trays.  The biggest change for us is actually lunch. Because she has a side salad included in every plan, I triple the amount of greens I buy and add everything but the salad dressing and protein right to the greens container. When the girls and I are hungry we dump into bowls, pour some salad dressing on and enjoy. Before, we were eating sandwiches or alphaghetti and other not so great lunches. Alison from prep dish says there is a Facebook group if you need help with substitutions, I am a pretty good cook and know what my family likes so I have not joined. One thing that makes a big difference for us is she does 1/2 cup oil to 1/4 cup vinegar to her salad dressing, I add 1/4 cup natural sugar like good maple syrup or honey.

I honestly didn’t think the $14 a month would be worth it, but for how much time it saves me, how healthy we are eating I cannot imagine going back now.

Thanks Prep Dish!!



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