What we are doing this Summer

Everyone, or at least I think everyone has heard of the summer slide. This is basically a decline that happens to pretty much all students (or adults) who are actively learning.

I am currently reading Talent Code and they discuss how anyone will basically start to loose the mental capacity to do any learned skill in 30 days! So, this post is for my homeschoolers, and a fun resource for non-homeschoolers who want easy and educational entertainment.

First, we will continue with our phonics books. We are now working through Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons.  We are loving the simplicity of these lessons, and will usually do 10-20 pages in the morning when I’m done working from home, or before bed.

For math, we are still loving Khan Academy, we also work with many manipulative, and do Bedtime Math. My daughters both LOVE bedtime math, I’d recommend everyone pick up one from this series.

Science is just a continued Exploring Nature and Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding. We also subscribe to The Young Scientist Club; Magic School Bus kit.  I will be doing a review and post when my next months kit comes. We also are part of our local nature club and meet at least monthly.

We have also added SQUILT music into the rotation and we do chalk pastels or one of the many fun courses from Alisha Gratehouse.

Everything I’ve listed above you can do right from home. We also will probably start girls in music lessons outside of the house this summer.

Now, for the fun stuff! What I am doing this summer (kinda self serving, so you can check in on me come fall!)

1.Get horses on the trails! They are not broke to ride. Time has just not been on my side in terms of getting them going. They are both getting Vet checked at the end of May, and Ill be posting Videos of our progress.

2. Lots of little projects in and around the house, right now its a picnic table, turning the chicken coop into a chicken tractor, proper garden, proper fire pit. Dream world, would be a fabulous playhouse for the girls.

3. READ! So far on my list I have

Barefoot and Balanced

Among the Ten Thousand Things

Secrets of Mental Math

The Handmaids Tale

The Year of the Flood

Simplicity Parenting

Tana French

Today will Be Different 

Basically I go to Modern Mrs Darcy, or listen to her podcast, or check our Cait and Kara’s from Homeschool Sisters and build a list, and include a few of my own favorite authors.

I read this much three ways, One I always have an audible book ready to go.  I have my kindle which I can read with one hand, with no glare while I push a kid on the swing. I keep a paper back in my purse and another book by my bed.

Read aloud’s Planned Include

Prairie Thief

Little House in the Big Wood

Green Ember

and an Audible Version of Girl who Drank the Moon

Also, the sequel to Uni The Unicorn comes out so we will be having a Unicorn Party Night which showing The Last Unicorn outside.

We also will be doing around the world months, where we will read a bunch of books for that month, have a themed dinner, and themed outside movie.

This Month is China. I will be doing a post once all our activities are done!





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