Peaceable Kingdom-The Fairy Game

Okay, I know I have little girls who love Unicorns and Fairies. But This game is truly adorable.


I have wanted a cooperative Peaceable Kingdom game for awhile. The hardest thing for my 3 year old is loosing, and Outfoxed the only cooperative game we currently have is too complex to grasp her attention for long.

This game literally does not take more than 15 minutes to play. My older daughter who can get lost in long games for hours finds this odd, but for the three of us, or when we just have a bit of time to fill before going somewhere this game is perfect.

What I loved about my first peaceable kingdom game is its 100% green. Everything is biodegradable and printed on certified paper(read more about it here). The second thing is that the instructions are printed on the box lid.


This is another game my daughters will set up and have it ready for me while I am tidying or cooking.  Usually all of us will sit down and play a few games together, then my youngest wanders off and my older daughter and I will play a few more times. What I love about cooperative games and especially this one it is very Us/we. My younger daughter thinks its hilarious when I cover my eyes before the have to pick up a new snowflake.

The point of the game is to move the  jewels off each colored flower to the magic wand by getting three of the same colored fairy cards, before Mr Winter freezes a flower with four snowflake coins.


This is a game I will be gifting often. The price point is lovely, and its super fun for girls 3-8. You don’t have to love board games to get into this one, and many people can play. Pick it up on Amazon here.

Happy Gaming!

Oh, also we happened to be reading The Night Fairy which is an amazing introductory read aloud chapter book for little’s. So, if you want a fairy theme around your house grab this book to pair the game with.



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