Theory of Evolution

We got the beautiful North Star game Evolution

I’ve been excited to play it but wanted to introduce the background about evolution to my girls before we got into the game. 

We started with an old movie that I remember loving as a kid The Land Before Time. This is available on Netflix. 

Next we read through Who was Charles Darwin. This was our first of these series and I am so glad we tried it. The girls took to it more than I had thought they would. They both appreciated his love of nature. ‘Just like me Mom!’ 

Today we opened Evolution. This game is Beautiful. The box is even coated and the art is beautiful. I believe Northstar has a print and play version of this game, but having played it several times I’m glad I have the real version. 

First the ‘food bags’ for whatever reason  we’re a huge hit. This drew my girls into the game. Picking a bag with a colorful animal on it was how I got them into playing it while visiting their super fun ‘Pop’ (aka my dad) 

Reading through the instructions was confusing for me. I watched the video that Northstar provided on the packaging and it became more clear. 

What I love most about this game is the longevity I know it will have. This game can be as simplistic or as strategic as you make it. So far, my oldest daughter just finds carnivore cards and kills everyone. 

The language and expansion you can use while playing this game is fun. Both my girls already use species regularly in their vocabulary. But, I’m excited to start hearing trait, extinct and evolution in the mix. 

I’m a huge biology nerd, and love all things Charles Darwin. For anyone wanting an excellent break down of evolution I recommend giving Bill Nye’s Undeniable audio book a listen. (I bought the Kindle version on then hoped over to .com to add the audible version) I attempted reading it, but, call my nostalgic I loved hearing him read it. 

This game is rated for 12+. I’d say for non gamers this is true. The language on the trait cards can be difficult. But, I read whatever cards they have. Quiet frankly, with time I think they’ll have the trait cards memorized. I love how many phases and components there are to this game. This is a game kids and adults will enjoy. 

Have you studied Evolution? What resources do you use? 

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