Why Homeschooling is like Breastfeeding

I am so very early into this. It’s only my first year!

But, I needed a record of what I’m doing. I get asked a lot about both VIPKID and why I am homeschooling and how.

The way I feel about homeschooling is exactly how I felt about breastfeeding as Mom, and an RN working on Labor and Delivery. Pure passion. I wanted these women who were sometimes discharged as early as 24hours to go home and successfully breastfeed. I also want people to know you can do it! (I mean homeschooling, but if your having a baby you can totally breastfeed too)

Unlike breastfeeding, I have no authority on homeschooling, and I know it.

Here’s the thing I have learned about both. Without the right support,your getting no where.

I am not talking a bff who lives around he corner who also homeschools. I’m talking about one person who can encourage you. Even if they don’t know anything about it.

For me, I have two, that’s my Husband and Mom.

The other thing I can tell you, just like new moms reading their parenting books. Do your research. Not only will you feel more confident in your decision and ability. You will have some research to throw in doubters face when your in that kinda mood.

If you don’t have that person yet, shoot me an email. I’m an excellent cheerleader!

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