Kings of Toyko; Review

I wish I was cool enough to have known that this games was created by the same person that created Magic the Gathering.  I know this game is very popular still, but my memory of it was watching my fellow students play it when I was in Chemical Engineering. I usually just sat near by reading.

This game is beautiful.

We love the pictures, and we love the spinning score cards. I told my older brother I wanted a dice game, and this is what he recommended. I trust his gaming suggestions because he has bought the girls some amazing starter games, and he games himself.

This game is a bit on the pricier side, which almost made me make a last minute switch to Dragonwood or Feed the Kitty.  But, I wanted to have a dice game we would love and could play often.

This game is rated 8+, and my 5 year old and I play it together. I would not recommend this game for new gamers even if they are older than 8. I would say non- gamer at least ten. But, you may want to start with some easier more basic games before attempting this one.

My daughter and I read through the rules, set it up and watched a you tube video about how to play with only two players. We have played the game several times and we love it. This is definitely a game that will grow with us, as we learn and see more of the cards.

I think the best part of this game is it is more than just dice. We are a card game family, and own many different card games. In fact, I always have at least one sitting on my amazon wish list.

So, if your a ‘gaming’ family, looking for a challenging game with really cool crushing monsters, and like complex games. Pick this one up.

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