Canada Book Day; April 23rd

Tomorrow is Canada book day. This is a good day for all of us to review our reading lives.

Is it all that it could be? Are we passing a passion for reading to our kids?

I would say I became areader later in life. When I was younger it seemed like a chore. When I started university, I read textbooks out of necessity, but also started reading casually to increase the speed of my text book. Not necessarily the best reason, and I read a lot of fluff. That still happily stays in my Kindle archive.

Now, as an adult and mother of two young girls. There are two reading moments in my day I love. When my girls would rather read than watch TV or play on a tablet. When I get more that five minutes of quiet to sit down with my book.

I’d say I made a special effort in the last year and a half to read a loud, a lot, daily. It has paid off. My toddler has a passion for books. She and I love going to the thrift store, and any book store and picking books, reading the pages. She also is my Library buddy when both my husband and I are home. My older daughter will play outside or build, my younger always will do a library trip with me.

My older daughter does not love a book the same way my younger daughter does. But, she will join in whenever reading is happening. She also requests whatever chapter book were working through whenever we are outside on our swing set.

So, I’m recommending my girls current top five and I’m going to recommend you mama’s head over to my book club page. This month book is interesting.

1. This is not my Hat by Jon Klassen

2. Triangle by Jon Klassen

3.We are Growing by Laurie Keller

4.Click Clack Moo by Doreen Cornin

5. A Walk on the Shoreline by Rebecca Hainnu

So go to the Library, head to the book store, and get reading!

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