Introducing Geography to Little Kids

Let’s face it, if you attended public school Geography was boring. It was memorizing and coloring maps. Does any one else remember this?

My ‘homework’ would be coloring and labeling a map. Not sure what I learned from this except I love prisma penciled crayons.

Now as an adult, this makes me so sad. Is there anything more fascinating than learning about the world?! There are all these amazing places where people live completely different lives.

Because I teach for VIPKID, I find this has really impacted my girls. They want to know about different parts of the world. Must be neat for them to think their are kids all over (potential friends) that they haven’t even met.

So, I’ve been on the lookout for fun ways to start introducing Geography. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far….

First great books, I’ve used this book as my resource for hunting for great books. Because my kids are little we usually dust in the non fiction picture books with the fiction. For older kids, you obviously could go the opposite way. My older daughter usually finds a picture she loves, and she designs her own craft or art project. I used to plan crafts or buy craft kits but it’s rare I feel the need now.

So, for recognition we game

First is Globe Trotters I honestly looked across Canada and cannot find a link, Its basically Twister for continents. IMG_20170419_074158 I dislike Twister, this game I don’t mind. I scored this games for $2 at the Thrift store, Id easily pay $20 for it though.



Next is Proffesor Nogins;Countries. We do this one over dinner just reading questions. We don’t actually play the ‘Game’ we just read and do answers over dinner.

Where in the World is another we play, but sporadically. This is for ages 8+, I would say this is accurate. Unless your 6 year old loves geography. This is such a pretty game, I feel sad that we can’t play it more.

Last we play, again sporadically, is BioViva. I like this one because it geography and nature. The questions can be hard, but they also can be easy. This very much depends on your child, my 5 year old knows A LOT of the animal questions.

The only other thing I make an effort to do is to  buy tiny flags. Yes, it is silly. But kids LOVE flags. I don’t understand it. If I ever find research I will post it, but they LOVE flags! We match ours to a world map we got at Costco, and its a perfect compliment.

I hope you can use some of these to start introducing Geography at your home.

What do you do to make Geography fun? I’d love to hear from you!







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