Using a Journal and Keeping Organized

I love bullet journals. I look at the beautiful pages on pinterest, on other blogs, I stroke the covers and flip through the pages at Michaels.

I do not own a bullet journal. Even with the 50% off coupon in hand at Michael’s I couldn’t commit (That is still worth three Lattes!) I would rather invest that $15 into a new book  or a board game. I also know, after a few pages, my inspiration from the Pinterest board will lag, and Ill just be scribbling in there.

So, here is my journal….

I know, pretty unimpressive. Its from the dollar store, it was well worth the $1.50 but I also don’t feel guilty when my pages looks like a mess.

This is how I use my notebook. Sunday’s I sit for ten minutes and write out a basic idea for the week. I usually check the weather forecast as well (This really effects plans here) I have borrowed three of my daughters gel pens. I write basic plans in black, dinner plans in green, and highlights in red. My right side of my page is left blank on Sunday, unless I am carrying something over from the past week. I use this as my ‘brain dump’ page. It is a mess, contains post it notes, scribbles, anything I just don’t want to forget but don’t have the brain capacity to remember. I also write notes about things that went well, funny or crazy things that happened throughout the week.
You’ll notice my ‘washi’ tape pages. Originally, I had  numbered the pages. This didn’t work out for me. I hate referencing where I wrote things. So, now I have washi tape pages. These include book lists, board game lists, major house to do lists, idea lists….lists, lists, lists,

I also have a pocket in the back (made out of a stapled Christmas card) where I keep random pieces of paper I don’t want to loose.

I have not re-invented the wheel here. But  really, you shouldn’t have too either. Nor should you feel you need to purchase the $30 journal and spend hours decorating your page. I am big into optimizing time,$ and happiness. If spending $30 and having a beautiful journal really makes you happy when you see it, go for, otherwise, do what keeps you sane. Like me.

What does your journal look like? Is it Pinterest worthy? or a dollar store dump like mine?


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