Shift Work and Homeschool

As a nurse, married to someones who also does shift work. I have become adapted to the weirdness that is being awake at insane hours, and a general amount of sleep depravity. I am current a ‘casual’ nurse which basically means I work when I am available. My husband has a schedule, but its rare that he works just those days. 
This also means that sometimes he is hanging around in the morning when we are trying to do our morning meeting. My husband was not always ‘pro’ homeschool, and at times he becomes doubtful. So, when the girls are not into the 20 minute ‘meeting’ I can feel his judgment from the next room. I also know his presence can be distracting. Lets be honest, there is way more fun potential in Dad.

When we haven’t seen much of him for many days, it is a presence that is hard to ignore. Usually, we will break out board games, Ill hand a book to my toddler and whisper ‘bring this to your Dad’, or we will go outside and just enjoy each other and our property.

I wish I could say something revolutionary, but for the most part it is something that definitely took some getting used too. My husband also knows  not to interrupt ‘morning meeting’ or any other ‘lesson’ type activity. He usually takes advantage of this time to read or get chores done around the barn.

Realistically though, one of the major benefits of homeschooling is he gets to see our kids way more than he would if they were at school. So, if the girls are super pumped about playing with Dad, we do our morning meeting at dinner.

Who has shift working husbands? How do you manage the presence?


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