Write off day

Let’s be honest, homeschool and public school kids all have days that go terrible.

Yesterday was one of those days for us.

We all slept terrible, we needed groceries or we would be eating popcorn for dinner, and we were all grumpy.

With the whining and fighting that was happening. (Really, your fighting over a box lid?) I felt like I was back in University doing my mental health rotation. Most moms count to ten or hide in the bathroom. I repeat to myself ‘frontal cortex isn’t developed’ over and over.

But, I don’t have to send my tired miserable kid to school where ‘self regulation’ is the new thing. (By the way the frontal cortex is not fully developed until late teens.) My tired children snuggled up read fun books. and slept on the way to the grocery store.

We went to the thrift store found two new poetry books and came home and had poetry tea time for an hour on the front porch.

Thrift store finds. (yes that’s a huge rip on my couch. Thanks Cats.)

And before bed we did a few school subjects without the girls knowing. We read grammarland and bedtime math.

bedtime books

Was it a perfect day? No way. But I think about what that day would have looked like for my kid had I sent her to school, and then I am so grateful.

What do you do to reset a bad day? Potato do handle must do errands?


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