Why Family ‘field trips’ Rock

Spring is here!!

Mother Nature is finally warming our hearts and melting the snow. Which at our house means nature walks and field trips.

As soon as I saw a high of 22 degrees on a Monday I knew it meant a Toronto Zoo trip.

I love this zoo. I have learnt so much there. But, as a shift worker, I am not a fan of going when it’s busy. I have grown far to accustomed to going during low season. Which means, no weekend holidays, and rarely summer vacation.

For those of you who have never gone to the Toronto Zoo, the second largest Zoo in North America. Here are my ‘I’ve been there a lot’ tips.

If you’ve never been to the Toronto Zoo budget to go on the zoo mobile. You’ll learn a lot, and save your legs a bit. Try to take in the educational show, and as many of the keeper talks as you can. Try and pick your favorite animals because distance wise it’s impossible to get to them all.

Also, I love the Zoo (did I mention that), but pack a lunch. Treat yourself to a beaver tail and a coffee. But, the picnic areas are so lovely. They just added a new patio behind the African restaurant and its amazing. I also like the patio overlooking the rhinos and zebras in Africa.

If your short on time or carrying children, don’t walk down to Canada. I love these exhibits but rarely visit them. The hike back uphill is exhausting.

Go early. I’m not sure if I’m just delusional but the animals always seem more active at opening.

Read about their conservation efforts online and throughout the zoo. It’s amazingly interesting and certainly teaching kids about conservation is ultra important.

These leads me to our other field trip this week.

We went to the Ontario Turtle Conservatory. This facility is amazing. It’s almost entirely run by volunteers. If you are ever in the area try and plan a trip here. We learned so much! The highlight for me was a discussion about wetlands and how important they are. We also learned how to safety moving snapping turtles across the road. Did you know that we have 8 species of turtle in Ontario and only one is not threatened. Crazy.

What is your favorite field trips? Now that the weather is better do you do more trips or less?


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