Why Brave Writer is a Gift

So, I am not a curriculum junky. I will blame being a nurse for this. You learn very quickly to ‘expect the unexpected’ and to ‘go with the flow’ I also know my strengths. I am writing this blog, I am a TERRIBLE writer. Ya, I said it. I am TERRIBLE.

Go ahead, ask me any anatomy or biology question. I’ll talk your ear off about evolution, Charles Darwin, cellular structure, and i’ll explain crazy details about how certain medications work, their half life, and side effects.

Let me reiterate. I am not a writer.
Do I love to write? Yes, otherwise why would I be here. I love presenting ideas in a well thought out manner(in spite of my poor grammar and spelling.) Did I ever learn how to do it during my public education? Nothing that I can remember!

So, when I came across Brave Writer I felt like I was given a gift. How fortunate am I to have discovered this so early in my Homeschooling journey!

This is not a curriculum, it’s a lifestyle. It is a journey you will take with your kids. You will explore great literature, the art, and music. FINALLY, someone who understands our after dinner dance parties aren’t useless.

I have implemented this quickly and easily. My days are not heavily structured any more, but are guided by my goals in this program. Copywork is sometimes from great books, other times it’s from our Nature Guide because we are obsessed with turtles. Dictation is sometimes my reading and spelling from her favorite page and her writing, other times I’m helping her type or write a letter to her pen pal or Grandparents while I cook dinner.

I have stopped using worksheets, I no longer have to push her to write. Her writing has become more legible because she is no longer just trying to ‘get through it.’ What she is putting on paper has meaning to her!

Isn’t that what we all want? We want MEANING in our lives, in our child lives, in our child’s education. Giving them the freedom to be who they want to be.

And, if that means writing about turtles for the next two months. I’m game.

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