DIY Canada ‘pin’ map

DIY ‘Pin’ Maps of Canada

I have a super easy, cheap and effective DIY for everyone.

I have been wanting a Pinit Map since I found out about them (I will be ordering the world version soon). Unfortunately, like many things, they do not have the Canadian version available. After spilling syrup on our map again today, I decided I needed to replicate this idea as best as I could on a budget.

 This is a free map from CAA, my lovely father picked this up for me since he has a membership. Then I got this large 24by36 poster type from at Micheals for $18. I picked up small wooden dowels as well with the 50% off coupon they were about $2.25.

I took these small dowels and grabbed a large piece of parchment. My plan was to make about twenty but tiny kids love tiny flags so I got the capitals done; 14 plus the girls flags. Which they can use to mark…well whatever they want.

So, I hot glued the base of each dowel. I started small (dries faster without me having to hold it) then added more glue to make the base wide. I cut up white paper to make the flags. I wrote capitals on in gel pen and modge podge folded them around the dowels.

I have so many helpers here, I am so lucky.

Here is the final look after my older daughter and I rested the flags on the capitals. We discussed what the capital city meant, and each province again.

This really is an amazing project, honestly, flags and kids together means learning will happen.

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