Reading Aloud

Readers don’t grow in trees. But they are grown-in places where they are fertilized with lots of print, and above all, read to daily.-Jim Trelease

If you, have not yet read The Read Aloud Handbook, you need too. This book, though published in 1982, seems even more relevant today. I have read a lot of parenting books, my only regret is I wish I had found this earlier. Got to your Library, order on Amazon, get to the bookstore, but READ THIS BOOK!

This brings me to today’s post, we love books here. This was not something that happened over night, I was not the Mom who just read constantly to my infant. I myself read quite a bit. I do remember walking around the house reading at night while I rocked my littles. Some of these books may not have been the best picks, as I went through a bit  of a Japanese fiction phase. Regardless, I read, and they were exposed to vocabulary they would not have been otherwise.

So, when I discover a good book that we love here, I’m going to share it.

If you have girls under 8, please read them this book! Zoey and Sassafras: Dragon and Marshmallows. I pre-ordered this during our dragon phase and I’m so glad I did. I ordered the rest of this series this morning.

Zoey is a young girl, with a scientist mom who loves animals, especially her cat Sassafras. This book also contains dragons and magic. We LOVE this book. Took us two nights to read, I had to save a chapter for this morning. (We also ordered all the other Zoey and Sassafras books as soon as we finished this one.)

We are going to pair the last chapter with our other dragon favorite. This picture book will stand the test of time.

When we first read Dragons Love Tacos, we loved it so much we read it about 15 times, then drove twenty minutes so we could get ingredients to make tacos. We got the read aloud version from the library and ate tacos and watched Adam Rubin’s narration.

Experiences like this make reading memorable. It’s simple, and kids love it.

What book are your kids currently loving?


(While typing this blog I noticed Dragons Love Tacos sequel is available for pre-order)

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