A Day in the Life of a VIPKID Homeschooler

I wanted to give everyone a snap shot of what it is in my family with me working for VIPKID from home, and to homeschool my daughters. I am sure a lot of people can relate, but I get the question “What do you do all day” A LOT.


I am up at 4:30 am, at which point I have a cup of coffee. I usually log onto my laptop, sometimes I check emails. More often than not I try and make a new reward for my Manycam application on Photoshop. Usually, I plan my week in my journal on Sunday (Future blog about making journaling work for you coming soon) and I put out any books, and games and manipulatives we require for the day on the kitchen table, if I hadn’t the night before.

I teach (Hopefully) from 5/530-7. My girls usually wake up in this time. They know they may quietly come down (I’m in the basement) and I will put on a movie or Wild Kratts between classes. I do let them say Hello sometimes, depending on the student, or how upset my toddler is when she wakes up. They usually will come, and peek at my screen.

At 7, We all come upstairs and have breakfast. I let the dogs, and our chickens and ducks out. Usually breakfast is something easy but occasionally I will do pancakes or waffles (more often than not I batch cook these and throw them in the toaster throughout the work week) The girls pick a stack of picture books after breakfast and we read as many as we can until my next classes at 8. Since my computer is on, and VIPKID is loaded, I usually give myself 5 minutes to make sure I am settled into my next class. The girls will watch Wild Kratts, paint, or play pretend games until I am done at 9.

When I am done working, we gather at the table. Usually the girls snack and we have our ‘morning meeting’ I used to say do our  ‘school’ but that made them both whine. So I say morning meeting, I believe I heard this phrase from Alicia Hutchinson .The morning meeting we update our calendar, sing a few days of the week, month of the year songs, and national anthem. Then we do whatever ‘classical’ schooling I want to do. Today we changed the date, patterns, equations, numbers with their written variation and girls matched them. We played Rummikub a few times in a few different ways. We love our ‘house rules’ with games. I love games like this one where it’s easy to suit our learning needs or who is playing.

The girls played connect four while I tidied the kitchen. At this point my younger daughter, and I prepped dinner for the slow cooker. We then went upstairs to change, I got the girls stuff together for the day. My husband who works shifts, played a game of enchanted forest with our older daughter, while I read to our younger daughter. The girls, and I got dressed and went to the library which is about 3 minutes away. Girls stopped, and said hello to our chickens, and ducks, before we left.

Now, it’s hard for me not to gush about the library, or how we use all the services to make it work for us. But, I’ll save that for another day. I will say that convincing the girls to leave the yard, and our house is easier in the summer when the general store across the road from the library has ice cream.

We got home, my older daughter handed me her book she picked about rocks and said “bring that in”. Off she ran to visit the birds. My younger daughter and I went in to get lunch started. My older daughter called for my younger daughter to tell her she found an egg with blood on it. So, my younger daughter put her rubber boots on, and went out to join her while I made sandwiches. At this point of the day, I enter my feedback for VIPKID while I get lunch together. I also review my lessons for the next day.

The girls came in and asked me to look up why there would be blood on the egg shell. I did, and read it to them. They were happy with this. We ate our lunch, my younger daughter dumped our Library books out. My older daughter, and I decided we would try our new game, Sleeping Queens. We played a game and my older daughter wanted to keep going but my younger daughter was fading. I told my older daughter to grab her books and my younger daughter to grab the DVD she had picked from the library and we went down to the basement. We watched an episode of Angelina Ballerina until my younger daughter was asleep (I also feel asleep while reading). My older daughter woke me up saying it was time for more Sleeping Queens. I carried my younger daughter up with us and my older daughter and I played for another hour and a half.


We ate dinner quickly. The girls wanted to play games. I cleaned and they played Wild Kratts board game. We read a few of our library books. We all changed into cozier clothes to go do ‘evening’ chicken and duck chores.

We walked around the property because I wanted to check that our horses had lots of hay. I also check their automatic waterer as often as I remember. I fed the chickens and cleaned and filled their waterer. We decided to have a fire, that didn’t stay lit for long because everything was damp. We put the birds in for the night and got our two dogs and our cat Potato in for the night.
The girls were cold so they asked for hot chocolate. I microwaved milk they mixed in the chocolate and asked if I could turn on the fire and read Where the Sidewalk Ends.We also did the Q and A journal, as we had forgot in the morning.  When they were done their hot chocolate, they picked library books and we went up and got ready for bed.

We read three pictures books and several chapters of Zoey and Sassafras (which had come in the mail that day)

Usually, I read at night but was too tired. So I lay out our stuff for the next day, got my coffee set up, and went to sleep.

What does your day look like?


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