Following a Rabbit Trail


Right now for my preschooler it is all thing ROCKS. We live on a dirt road with an unpaved driveway. There are literally rocks everywhere….

We went to a rock and mineral show and the obsession started. She was gifted a rock tumbler, and we have found an rock book she loves.


She carries the book under her arm throughout the house. This has allowed us to use it in all aspects of our homeschool. Writing, (copy work) geography, science and math.

What I love about these rabbit trails is you can become engrossed in the subject matter. They can become as knowledgeable about the topic as they care too.

My toddler to my great delight, loves a story read to her more than anything else. Her favorites right now are bad kitty books. She also loves mo Willem’s and Beverly Cleary. What I love is we can start a Beverly Cleary book and be done in three or four days because she must know what’s happening.


I’m currently obsessed with Canadian History. After watching this Cheifs on curiosity stream,(for 2.99 a month is worth its weight in gold) I’ve been reading about first nations a lot. This is something I’ve always liked but know very little about. Life of a homeschool parent is learning alongside our kids. I’m filling in all the Canadian History gaps that exist from my public education. I’m learning more about Rocks and minerals I ever care to know. I’m reading and RE reading amazing kids books.

Do you follow rabbit trails? What are the current obsessions at your house?

Hope to hear from you


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