The Making of a Homeschooler

I am not sure when I started to look into homeschooling but it was well before my first child was to enter school. I’m sure like many homeschooling parents, I wasn’t satisfied with my education. I didn’t fit in a box. My parents were told I was well rounded, in teacher speak that meant average.

I remember loving science and math but struggling at school. Only to come home and have my Dad explain an hour and a half lesson differently, and in less than five minutes I would understand. I would think I wish you were my math teacher.

When I became a teen school was filled with distractions. Social mostly. None of which were worth my time.

Now, I look at my darling daughters and think. The system seems worse, the distractions are mean and with social media, constant. How could I raise caring individuals and send them into that environment.

Despite my best effort my oldest daughter started all day kindergarten. She hated it, I hated it, her sister hated it. She’d complain that she wasn’t allowed to play pretend games. Recess was too short. Kids were saying mean things. The last straw kids were hitting and pushing her.

We were done. I let her stay home for a month then told my husband she wasn’t going back. She went at school for less than 30 days total.

Now, our mornings aren’t rushed and stressful. My kids though occasionally get cranky (who doesn’t!) It’s no longer a daily occurrence. They also learn about what interests them, in addition to what fascinates me, and we teach each other.

We have created a household of learning. We all have a project or something fascinating us at any given time. We follow rabbit trails. We pair this with excellent books, read alouds, audio books, poetry, board games, puzzles, creative writing, art,music. Nature hikes, science and field trips.

Not every moment is perfect, but I am loving watching my girls grow and develop into individuals who love to learn.

What made you decide to homeschool? What drives you daily to continue this exhausting but amazing goal of educating your kids?

I’d love to hear from you!


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