Sushi Go

Sushi Go: Review


Sushi Go is a super popular card game by Gamewright. This game can be found at basically any store that sells board games. Not only is this game incredibly excellent for kids, its fun for adults too! This is one my husband and I are excited to play over and over again.

It basically works like this. There are several types of cards, maki, pudding, wasabi, nigiri, ect. Ech one is worth a certain point value and combination of cards can multiple points or increase incrementally.

This is a game of strategy, not only that, my 5 year old has to add up points, and shes seeing how multiplication works.

This game is rated 8+, and although my 5 year old picked it up easily after one game (3 rounds to a game) I wouldn’t recommend it for new gamers. We watched a quick youtube video before playing and it helped immensely as well.

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