Games for Beginners and Young Gamers

I really believe that playing games can teach kids an enormous amount of information without the whining of ‘Do I have to do that’

But to get to the point where you can play more complicated games, you have to start somewhere. I think everyone knows where I am headed with this, the classic. Candyland.

Now, I will be the first to admit, this game can be well….painful. We unfortunately are not out of our Candy land phase as my 3 year old favors it. It does teach the sequence of gaming, spinning, taking turns. As my three year old is learning, how to be a graceful looser. (A skill she is struggling with)

The beginner card game I always recommend is go fish. I picked mine up at the dollar store, I also picked up a jumbo paper clip for their little hands to hold the cards. There are card holders but this works so well for us and cost $1.25 so we haven’t tried them. We have two ‘go fish’ specific decks. One is actually an Easter ‘go chick’ the other is fish. One deck has numbers and we use that more frequently to practice number recognition. We also play ‘war’ for greater and less than learning. Memory is another game we play with our go fish deck. This is one myself, 5, and 3 year old can all be included. I keep the second deck in my purse for restaurants, waiting rooms, coffee shops,ect.

Another games we all love, and is even enjoyable for adults is Habas’s Animal upon Animals.

// This is a great beginner game, but I also know it will last us a long time. It is beautiful wooden pieces, and is amazing in its simplicity. It helps with fine motor skills, turn taking, and learning how to be a good looser/winner. We have played this game a lot. Its one we always pull out when non-gamer friends come over. It doesn’t require undivided attention so its great for the fidgety child as well. My three year old rolls the dice, plays her pieces and we call her back for her next turn if she wanders off.

The last one I love to recommend is spot it
. //
This is another one I pull out for new gamer friends, my three year old, five year old and adults can all play. I have the original but have the letter and Spanish version on my wish list.

Do you use games in your homeschool? Which are your favorites?


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